Why Work With Us?

Talent Leaders are often under pressure to get buy-in from multiple stakeholders in order to implement the programs they KNOW will work.

So we created a simple and powerful methodology to ensure your plans and programs STICK. 

We believe the employee experience drives the customer experience – and that a strong employee experience is cultivated through mindfully-built practices around attraction, recruitment, onboarding, and people development.  


About Lisa

Lisa Mitchell is a champion for Talent Leaders and their role in transforming the working lives of millions of people.

She is the founder of Green Apple Consulting, the thought partner for Talent Leaders and the companies they serve. 

She has spearheaded large-scale, complex talent management strategies across numerous mid and large-sized companies and has advised hundreds of leaders on how to roll out talent programs that actually stick. 

Lisa brings over 20 years' experience in business as a leader, executive and performance consultant, and as owner of a thriving coaching and consulting business.

She has a large network of associate Coaches and Facilitators who are well-equipped to support larger-scale initiatives.   

Lisa's Credentials

  • B.A. and B. Ed degrees
  • Certified Coach with International Coach Federation (ACC)
  • CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional)
  • Prosci ADKAR Change Management Certified
  • Certified in Leadership Circle Profile, True TILT Profile Assessment, DISC and Total Strengths Deployment Inventory

Outside of work?

Lisa enjoys life at home with her amazing teenaged son, gorgeous-inside-and-out husband and sweet rescue dogs Jessie and Logan.

Why the name “Green Apple” for the Consulting side of things? 

We facilitate learning for clients whether through co-creating people strategies, coaching or facilitation. Few things are more symbolic of learning than a beautiful, crisp, whole apple. And green is the colour of growth, energy and vitality – key outcomes of learning and coaching done well!


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