Podcast: Overwhelm, Self Confidence And Moving Through Fear With Lisa Mitchell (May 15, 2021)

Lisa was a guest on the Well Off Podcast with host Georges El-Masri. The podcast focuses on everyday real estate investors and digs into their back stories. It's a great conversation, digging into ways to overcome overwhelm and move through fear.

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Having Critical Conversations in a Virtual Setting - WEBCAST (Jan 28, 2021)

Critical conversations are never easy. Add the complexity of a work-from-home workforce and a global pandemic and you run a significant risk of conversations going side-ways if you’re not prepared. In this webcast with Tania Cervoni of Canadian Management Centre, Lisa sheds light on the key differences between virtual and face-to-face critical conversations and the specific steps you need to take to ensure effective communication can take place.

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Podcast/Youtube: The Real Story Behind Her Business

2021 - Angelique Binet helps female entrepreneurs with social media marketing.  She and I had a great conversation covering my origin story and lessons learned in my journey as an entreprenuer.

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Leading Courageously in this Time of Crisis

In this 10-minute conversation with Tania Cervoni of Canadian Management Centre, Lisa discusses what courageous leadership looks like during the COVID-19 pandemic and shares 3 actionable strategies for leading with courage and authenticity. (Recorded on May 7, 2020)

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Rethinking Employee Engagement at this time of Crisis

In this 11-minute conversation with Tania Cervoni of Canadian Management Centre, Lisa shares practical strategies for engaging employees in today’s work environment.
(Recorded on May 7, 2020)

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International Women's Day Keynote

In March 2020, Lisa presented a very well-received keynote to a large live audience entitled "Intentional Success: A Celebration of Potential".

From Scary Conversations to Meaningful Dialogue - WEBCAST (Dec 13, 20219)

Don’t let the fear of giving feedback get in your way of having open and authentic conversations. In this webcast with Tania Cervoni of Canadian Management Centre, Lisa provides tips and techniques to help you have a meaningful dialogue at work.

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Keynote -HR as Coach: Influencing in a Sea of Change

I was honoured to deliver the event Keynote at the West Toronto HRPA Chapter Event on November 21, 2018. The event drew over 70 HR Leaders to hear my approach to change management for HR professionals, followed by a moderated panel discussion.

Building Better Relationships and Teams

June 2018 - Facilitated this custom, interactive workshop about using DISC style assessments for an engaged group of Real Estate Investors at Halton Real Estate Investors Meeting in Oakville, Ontario

Relationships are part of everything we do - in real estate investing and in life and work in general. Participants learned more about how they are wired, and how others might perceive them. We discussed how they could elevate their ability to speed read other people and adjust behaviour to connect more effectively.

International Women's Day Event 2018

Enjoyed facilitating a Lean In at Avanti Women's "Women in Transition" event on International Women's Day 2018. I spoke with with about 50 women about Career Transition and figuring out first what you want and what gives you energy.

Podcast: Listen to Lisa on the "Truth About Real Estate Investing" podcast (March 22, 2018)

"Hacking Your Personality for Success" A discussion around understanding yourself and others using style assessments like DISC



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