Talent Management Truths

Talent Management Truths

Hosted by: Lisa Mitchell

Talent Management Truths is the podcast for Talent Leaders looking for inspiration AND real-life examples of lessons learned and successes realized. Your host is Lisa Mitchell, Founder and President of Green Apple...

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Creating Buy-in Without Having All the Answers, with Melissa Law

Episode #1

“Senior leaders need options. They need options to say no to, options to say yes to.  They need options for buy-in, options for buyout.”    - Melissa Law Ever struggled to create buy-in when recommending or implement...
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Welcome to Talent Management Truths

Episode #1

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Challenging our ways of operating post-pandemic with Tania Cervoni

Episode #2

“So ...it’s a year from now where we are celebrating the success of this initiative. What are we celebrating? What are you seeing? What are you hearing?” - Tania Cervoni Are you and your organization currently...
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Shaping a culture of innovation with Sherry Dondo

Episode #3

“Healthy conflict is good. Collegiality doesn’t necessarily breed collaboration.” Sherry Dondo Have you ever worked in a company where the CEO determined that the culture needed to shift in a particular direction -...
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Confidence and the Talent Management Leader

Episode #4

 “It’s so interesting that when we have taken a hit to our confidence, or we change contexts, we often overlook what we bring to the table.” - Lisa Mitchell   During this episode of Talent Management Truths, I’m...
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The Power of Talent Stewardship with Susan Salomone

Episode #5

“They really don't want to spend their time in training as much as we love training. That's not what they're here to do. They're really here to take care of our patients. So [when naming our department], the word...
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Building Trust with Julie Farnsworth

Episode #6

“The trust piece comes when you’re able to say and say it comfortably, I don’t know the answer but I will find it out for you.”   - Julie Farnsworth Ever feel like you simply don’t have time to dream up and implement...
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What Martial Artists and Corporate Leaders Have In Common with Brian Cyr

Episode #7

 “When you get right down to it, people are people.” - Brian Cyr   Are you and your organization currently spending energy thinking about the post-pandemic work environment?  What does a hybrid workplace look like?  ...
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Creating a Purpose-Led Culture with Matt Price

Episode #8

 “The approach that you take reflects the culture you have and the culture you aspire to have.”  - Matt Price   What does it take to create the right environment where people can truly thrive at work?   Could you use...
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Creating Psychological Safety with Jennifer Hall

Episode #9

 “You have to budget your time for the important things.”  - Jennifer Hall   Our work lives are busy.   Jammed with meetings and to-do lists, and it can seem like there’s simply no space to do anything particularly...
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The 0% ROI Dilemma

Episode #10

“Companies must resist the temptation to roll out too many programs and models, or to add new ones to the mix before earlier ones are fully baked in and having an impact. Patience and persistence are key.”- Lisa...
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Taking a Learner- Centric Approach with Adrian Martin

Episode #11

“It’s not all about the content they are getting...but the whole experience that they live throughout that process as well.”  - Adrian Martin   It can be tough to be strategic when it comes to learning programs. ...
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